Digital Marketing & Operation

Assist with the exposure and growth of our intelligent learning platform by working on a variety of digital marketing activities & maintain smooth operation of daily startup tasks
Job Duties:
  • Conduct research, develop ideas, plan, design, and implement various types of digital marketing content and materials-centered on intelligent learning technologies for websites, blogs, and virtual exhibitions, among other things...
  • Take part in keyword research for SEO and SEM, link building, and outreach to third parties (STEM/EdTech related) for cross-marketing and collaboration.
  • Gather data, analyze results, and fine-tune digital marketing strategies and best practices for marketing operations.
We are looking for…
  • Proficient knowledge & experience in design & data related software, such as Canva, Figma, Notion, Google Analytics etc..
  • Creative, independent, detail-minded and open to new ideas
  • Good team-player with strong communication & writing skills
Interested in Joining Us?
Please go to https://work.fantasktic.ai & apply for the role.
For any work-related enquiry please feel free to email work@fantasktic.ai.