Business Analysis

Collaborate closely with our core team to enhance both internal and external operational matters using systematic techniques so that our revolutionary intelligent learning solution can be deployed and scaled up smoothly
Job Duties:
  • Conduct technological & market research in the EdTech sector to formulate business development strategy
  • Analyse current business operations & development processes to identify system needs & propose methods to increase efficiency
  • Utilising a variety of data-handling & organisation tools to design & implement new systems to improve both internal & external business development activities
We are looking for…
  • Proficient knowledge & experience in using organisation-level tools (excel, notion, airtable etc…)
  • Passionate about digital transformation, information systems & business strategies
  • Good team player with strong communication, organisation & writing skills
Interested in Joining Us?
Please go to https://work.fantasktic.ai & apply for the role.
For any work-related enquiry please feel free to email work@fantasktic.ai.