Maths/Science Content Design

We are looking for passionate candidates who are also excited about the future of education & want to contribute by developing the intelligent question banks with us
Job Duties:
  • Work with other teammates to conduct in-depth research & analysis on the international Mathematics or Science (Phy/Chem/Bio) curriculums
  • Design & define concept map for the intelligent system & algorithm
  • Draft question contents & run testing with system to ensure compatibility
  • Run review & conduct quality check to ensure smooth personalisation experience for end-users
We are looking for…
  • Passionate about Mathematics or Science Subjects (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) & familiar with the curriculums (DSE, GCSE, A-Level, IB, SAT etc…)
  • Detail-minded & value user experience
  • Hate the Same Old Boring “Standardised” Education
  • Want to be a Part of the team that defines Personalised Learning as New Standard & love Innovations
Interested in Joining Us?
Please go to https://work.fantasktic.ai & apply for the role.
For any work-related enquiry please feel free to email work@fantasktic.ai.